Mary Lemmer on Improv in Entrepreneurship

Posted: Aug 01 2017

MSU locals might recognize Mary Lemmer’s business ventures in Lansing by way of Iorio’s Gelato, founded in 2004. A hot-spot for MSU students looking to study or for a sweet treat, Lemmer’s influence on the community and entrepreneurial spirit do not stop there.

Lemmer visited MSU’s Conquer Accelerator program as the founder of Improv4, a group geared towards training teams of businesses and entrepreneurs how to use the skills of improv to better their business lives. More specifically, Lemmer’s focus for the day was on pitch delivery, and strengthening students’ ability to think on their feet.

In her own words, Lemmer believes the skills of improv are universal to the skills of the true entrepreneurial spirit: “communication, trust, confidence, confidence, resilience, problem-solving, public speaking, storytelling, thinking on your feet, falling with grace, all while having fun and laughing in a few energizing hours.” Through the lens of improv, Lemmer equips teams to better themselves and better whatever it is they’re creating.

Lemmer is an alumna from the University of Michigan, and the Conquer Accelerator program is always looking for Michigan entrepreneurs and MSU alumni to join our mentorship team and interact with MSU’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Interested? Contact Chris Sell at