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This year, 2018, marks the 40th anniversary of the FDA’s approval of cisplatin as an anti-cancer drug – an event not only of incredible significance in medicine, but to Michigan State University and the future of all research done on its campus.

Four decades later, cisplatin is making new discoveries possible every day. Below are stories that cover the discovery, inventors, patient survivors and researchers. 

Discovering Cisplatin: The Penicillin of Cancer Drugs

Cancer-Fighting Innovators: The Rosenberg Lab 

From Idea To Cure: Moving Ideas to Market at MSU

Today’s Cancer-Fighting Spartan Researchers

Long Term Impact of Innovation at MSU: a Virtuous Cycle 

Success Stories: Patients Impacted by Cisplatin

The list of lives saved thanks to cisplatin is extensive. Here are profiles of patients who credit Cisplatin and Carboplatin along their healing journey.

Survivor Spotlight: Scott Hamilton

Survivor Spotlight: Deanna Pai

Survivor Spotlight: Jon Braeutigam

Survivor Spotlight: Beth Peck 

Survivor Spotlight: Patrick Garvey

Survivor Spotlight: Jeff Wilson