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Join Michigan State Univerity at the Human Biotech and Animal Health Business Partnering Summit on March 12 & 13, 2018 in Boston, Massachussetts. 

Michigan State University is proud to share their services and expertise in academic drug discovery, pre-clinical development, and capabilities in clinical and translational medicine, a product of partnerships among the MSU Innovation Center, the Office of Clinical and Translational Research and the InVivo Facility at MSU. 

Led by a team of career scientists in human and animal health with experience in academia and industry, these offices are positioned to leverage world-class university faculty and veterinary patients toward both fields of therapeutic interventions.

Built to move at the speed of business, the MSU Innovation Center has a dedicated contract review team to accelerate collaborative projects. MSU IC combines innovation, technology transfer, start-up support, and a portfolio of dedicated business and community partnerships to bring cutting-edge ideas to the marketplace. Together, MSU Technologies, Business-CONNECT and Spartan Innovations units work within the MSU Innovation Center to steward ideas from concept to product, launching more than 160 discoveries into patented products and start-up businesses annually. 


The Office of Clinical and Translational Research at the College of Veterinary Medicine powers innovation in clinical trial testing, translational medicine and product development. With a caseload greater than 30,000 patients a year, faculty and staff exceeding 230, and nearly 1000 referral clinics, it serves both human and veterinary disciplines to discover, investigate and validate disease targets and therapeutic interventions. Our expertise, capability and resources are available in both pre-clinical non-rodent animals as well as naturally-occurring disease clinical patients, contributing to the development of new therapeutics devices and diagnostics.


The InVivo Facility is a contract research organization, part of MSU's Drug Discovery research, housed within the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, serving academic and industry clients while housed within Michigan State University. We enable important life sciences and biotechnology research by providing high quality standard and specialized in vivo pharmacology models, investigative and drug development services, medical device testing, medicinal chemistry, scaleup support, kilogram synthesis, screening, and education. We are distinct from existing contract research organizations in our ability to leverage the collective expertise of a major university.