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Marx Awarded Entrepreneurship Scholarship

The James Ian Gray Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Studies is given to one innovative student each year, based on their contributions to the entrepreneurship at MSU. The fund supports current MSU students studying entrepreneurship and experiencing the risks that accompany starting a company. 

The MSU Innovation Center is proud to award this $10,000 scholarship to Alex Marx, co-CEO and founder of the student organic farm Land Grant Goods, and Undergraduate Experiential Learning Coordinator for RISE (Residential Initiative on The Study of The Environment),

Marx studies Environmental Sustainability and Entrepreneurship & Innovation at MSU, both focuses reflected in his startup. Land Grant Goods produces high-quality, organic, and ethically-produced agricultural products grown by students on MSU’s campus.

Dr. Ian Gray is MSU’s past Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, and one of the founding leaders behind creating the MSU Innovation Center.

Built with the generous donation of Dr. Donald C. Anderson, a physician, pediatric cancer researcher, drug discoverer, and entrepreneur, this gift encourages and supports promising students who choose to pursue entrepreneurship as part of their undergraduate experience.

“We are so glad to support Alex’s education at MSU through Don’s generosity. He is a leader amongst his peers, shows passion for entrepreneurship as well as his education as an undergraduate student with RISE,” said Charles Hasemann, Assistant VP for Innovation & Economic Development, and leader of the MSU Innovation Center.

Students chosen for the scholarship are engaged with the MSU Innovation Center, participate in coursework as part of the undergraduate minor in entrepreneurship, utilize opportunities to interact with commercial entities, and experience risk-taking in an effort to expand entrepreneurial efforts, all while completing a degree.