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Michelle Tokarz, Ph.D.

Michelle has spent the last 7 years as an entrepreneur, most recently as a Principal Scientist responsible for chemical and characterization studies for Upland Nanotech a spin-off company from Michigan Tech University. Before that, she was part of an energy efficient lighting company ( BDT LightSource/ AGT) which grew annual sales to over $7.0 million, completed 4 rounds of funding and in Jan 2016 sold controlling interests to Ushio American a leading global lighting company. Michelle earned her PhD in Materials Science and before that a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Materials Science from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She worked as a post doc in startup company MetalGlass Coatings which earned both a Phase 1 and Phase 2 SBIR. Prior to that Michelle spent 7 years working in the pharmaceuticals industry holding research chemistry and subsequently production roles for Merck and then Eli Lilly.

Michelle is a Spartan Innovations EIR and working with SCOPS Coatings a company commercializing unique non-fluorinated, clear, polyurethane-based omni phobic coatings for industrial applications.

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