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The Sustainable Agricultural Management Tool (SAM Tool) allows a farm, orchard, or vineyard manager to:

  • Assess the risk associated with various pesticides and herbicides.
  • Track their use by field and employee.
  • In conjunction with the worker mobile application, ensure the product was applied to the correct field.
  • Generate usage tracking reports by farm and worker.


  • The tool facilitates the sustainability practice in protecting consumer, worker, and environmental health.
  • It increases the efficiency of pesticide and fertilizer use, thus lowering production costs.
  • SAM Tool can Improve communication with workers and better labor management.
  • It could also add sustainability values to the products and have a positive impact on consumer confidence.
  • In essence, SAM tool saves time and money and increases profits for growers.

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Tom Herlache

Tom Herlache, Ph.D., J.D.

Tom works with faculty and researchers in agriculture, natural resources, and natural science to protect intellectual property and engage in commercial partnerships to bring the technologies to market.
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