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Expert in Polymers and Materials Research to Join MSU

An award-winning expert in polymeric materials has been appointed to the Craig A. Rogerson Endowed Professorship in Chemical Engineering at Michigan State University. Michael Hickner is currently a professor of materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, and chemistry at the Pennsylvania State University. He joins MSU in January 2023. Christina Chan, interim chair and a … Continued

MSU Faculty Member Tongtong Li: Working to Make Wireless Communication More Secure and Efficient

Wireless technology has taken over modern communication, making cybersecurity a critical research point in today’s society. At the forefront of this research is Tongtong Li from the MSU College of Engineering, who has been working on research to make wireless communication more secure in 5G and upcoming 6G networks. According to Li, wired communication is … Continued

MSU Scientists Create New Method to Detect Dead Zones in Coastal Oceans

Coastal hypoxia, a disease caused by low levels of oxygen, is affecting algal blooms and other marine life. Coastal Hypoxia, also known as dead zones, are aquatic areas that have no living organisms because of low oxygen levels and are often caused by fertilizer runoff. Scientists at MSU discovered a “Birds-Eye Method” to predict the … Continued

Anand Nair on Rethinking Medical ‘Waste’

Every year, due to overtreatment, poor coordination, and other failures, $760 to $935 billion is wasted in healthcare. This is why Anand Nair, an Eli Broad Endowed Professor in the Department of Supply Chain Management, has decided to rethink the way healthcare organizations and hospitals approach supply-related waste.  Nair has been exploring new methods of … Continued

Low-Cost Irrigation Sensor Diminishing Water Waste in Farming

Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering (BAE) Master’s Student, Brenden Kelley, has been working on an environmentally friendly way to water crops by creating low-cost irrigation sensors. During his undergraduate studies at Michigan State University, Kelley studied water conservation with Assistant Professor Younsuk Dong and other students as a part of the BAE Irrigation Research Group. This … Continued

MSU Helms $15M Project to Help Make Fusion Energy a Reality

For decades, scientists have pursued the challenge of replicating nuclear fusion to meet the planet’s growing energy needs. However, generating a stable and self-sustaining fusion reaction has thus far eluded the brightest minds in the field. Still, the White House has indicated an interest in the continued pursuit of fusion technology and is focused on … Continued

Leon Ma Takes on New Position as Assistant Director of Corporate Relations

This October, Leon Ma was appointed to the role of Assistant Director of Corporate Relations. His new position holds responsibility for business intelligence research. With Ma’s background in industry analytics, he will be a crucial asset to the growth of the Innovation Center’s Corporate Relations team. Before joining the Corporate Relations team, Ma worked as … Continued

Spartan Innovations & LEAP Announce participants for the new Lansing Regional SBIR + MedTech Accelerator

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Spartan Innovations announces its inaugural cohort for the Lansing Regional SBIR + MedTech Accelerator in cooperation with Lansing Economic Area Partnership. Designed to support high-tech, high-growth medical technology companies in the Lansing region, the SBIR + MedTech Accelerator is a 12-week virtual program that will run this fall. The cohort will be … Continued

New ‘Living’ Wood Would be an environmental Superhero

  Michigan State University and Purdue University have teamed up to create a new type of strong, sustainable, self-healing timber infused with microbes. The new material won’t rely on alien technology or supernatural forces, but will instead leverage the very natural forces of microbes and timber.  To read more and hear what Jinxing Li, the … Continued

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