Solar-Powered Inverter

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When agriculture irrigation pumps turn on to discharge water, there is a sharp power draw on the local electrical grid which results in additional costs to the farmer and potential local brownouts. The Solar-Powered Inverter is a comprehensive solution that enhances the sustainability of farming practices and is designed to make agricultural irrigation more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Utilizing solar panels to harness clean energy, the Solar-Powered Inverter serves as an “assist power”, using solar energy to perform a “soft startup of the motors”, reducing power surges and providing supplementary power for the pumps to reduce the overall power needed to be drawn from the grid.


With the potential to address many challenges in agriculture, the Solar-Powered Inverter provides benefits such as energy efficiency, cost savings, environmental sustainability, financial advantages for farmers, reduced maintenance costs, and enhancement of the equipment. Overall, the Solar-Powered Inverter technology contributes to a sustainable energy future, along with enhancing the sustainability of farming practices.

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