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Infrastructure Sustainability Research

Corporate-sponsored research is becoming increasingly popular in the modern economy. By working together, corporations and universities like Michigan State can leverage the expertise and resources of each other to create products and services that have a greater impact in the marketplace.

Research partnerships offer corporations access to Michigan State University resources, such as faculty and students with expertise in specific areas, as well as access to research facilities and equipment. MSU faculty and students, on the other hand, benefit from the financial support of their research from of our corporate partners and the opportunity to work on projects with real-world applications.

MSU has 19 colleges and more than 5,000 researchers actively engaged in groundbreaking research spanning a wide variety of disciplines. Below, you’ll find highlights of some of the innovative research going on across campus.

The MSU Innovation Center staff is eager to help make connections between corporate partners and MSU faculty to advance to bring cutting-edge ideas to the marketplace.

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GeoPave Group

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Structures Group

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Environmental Group

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