DEI Training with MSU Innovation Center

The MSU Innovation Center recently completed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training, an Inclusive Leadership session led by Dr. Patricia Stewart and Dr. Anjam Chaudhary. This session was the first for this newly developed course and delved into the characteristics of inclusive leadership both at Michigan State University (MSU) and within the Innovation Center.

The training emphasized the integral role of equity and inclusion in the strategic vision of the university and the Innovation Center, focusing on fostering a diverse workforce. Thirty staff members attended, participating in interactive sessions that covered essential topics such as implicit bias, leadership models, empowering others, and strategies for leading inclusive change.

MSU Innovation Center Staff during the DEI Training

With Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion playing an important role in our everyday lives, familiarizing the staff with these topics and engaging in relevant training opportunities strengthens personal knowledge and enhances relationships within the beautifully diverse Spartan community at MSU. Inclusion, the act of making room for everyone at the table, empowers diversity and collaborative efforts. Individuals are responsible for comprehending and appreciating differences and recognizing how diverse contributions improve personal and professional relationships.

MSU actively supports faculty and staff in engaging with DEI initiatives through a variety of training opportunities. These opportunities cater to the entire Spartan community and range from introductory courses to specialized, organization-specific training.

“I appreciated this opportunity for our staff to come together and learn about these topics, but also to build vulnerability in the discussions that were helpful during this course,” said Janelle Campbell, MSU Innovation Center’s Human Resources Administrator.

The Innovation Center’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion extends beyond the initial training, with plans to continue offering opportunities in the future. Dr. Patricia Stewart, one of the facilitators, serves as a valuable resource for other departments seeking similar training sessions and can be reached at

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