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Thank you for joining the Emerging Technology Session here at the Great Lakes Expo.  This session was sponsored by the statewide MTRAC AgBio Innovation Hub, based at Michigan State University and jointly sponsored by the university and by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. One objective of this session is to facilitate discussion between university researchers, businesses, entrepreneurs, producers, and processors interested in emerging technologies that have the potential to improve some aspect of the specialty crop industry.  The information provided here is being gathered for that purpose and potentially provide information regarding other innovation-related news, events, and developments related to industry.

GLExpo Participant Registration Form
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Is there a specific speaker(s) (or organization) that you would like to contact for a follow-up discussion? If so, please list their name(s) here. If you do not remember the names, please list the subject matter of their talk or emerging technology demonstration.
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What other suggestions or recommendations do you have for future events, speakers or discussions related to emerging technologies

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To learn more about the emerging technologies presented by MSU researchers at the 2023 Great Lakes Expo, click HERE.

For more information, the organizers of the GLExpo Emerging Technologies Sessions can be reached at

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