MSU earns top-50 ranking among US patent-granting universities

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For the second consecutive year, the National Academy of Inventors honored Michigan State University with a top 50 ranking in its list of top U.S. university-granted utility patents in 2023. With 45 patents, MSU ranked No. 49 on the list, which was introduced last year.

MSU also ranked in the top 100 of NAI’s worldwide list. The university has garnered top-100 honors every year since 2013, the first year that the NAI began publishing the annual report.

“This accomplishment showcases MSU’s commitment to translating our research into societal and economic impact, and recognizes MSU’s position as a national research leader,” said Charles A. Hasemann, associate vice president for Innovation and Economic Development at the Michigan State University Innovation Center. “For the MSU Innovation Center, this achievement is particularly gratifying; validating the effectiveness of our efforts to engage faculty and other innovators who strive to see their innovations make a tangible difference in the world.”

The NAI was founded to recognize and encourage inventors with U.S. patents, enhance the visibility of academic technology and innovation, encourage the disclosure of intellectual property, educate and mentor innovative students, and to create wider public understanding of how its members’ inventions benefit society.

Earlier this year, MSU researchers Evangelyn AlociljaAndré Bachmann, and Richard Lunt were named Senior Members by the National Academy of Inventors — an elite professional distinction extended solely to academic inventors.

Alocilja, a professor in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the College of Engineering, develops biological sensors that can diagnose infectious and antimicrobial resistant diseases earlier. Lunt, a Johansen Crosby Endowed Associate Professor in the College of Engineering, is focused on creating better materials that are more efficient and longer lasting for solar energy production. A professor and associate chair for research in the College of Human Medicine, Bachmann’s research has been concentrated on drug development in oncology and rare diseases.

“As we look at the current and future state of innovation in our nation, we need to ensure that the U.S. is remaining competitive in the international innovation ecosystem,” said Paul R. Sanberg, President of the NAI. “Protecting intellectual property is a key component to this, and the Top 100 U.S. Universities list allows us to recognize and celebrate universities and their faculty, staff, and students who are not only innovating at high levels, but taking the additional step of protecting their IP through patenting.”

NAI’s top 100 lists are created using calendar year data provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Top 100 placement includes all named assignees listed on the patent.

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