Contact Information:

Audrey Grantz

MTA/CDA/DUA Coordinator

Units: MSU Technologies

Audrey Grantz joined the MSUT Agreement Team in April of 2022 to negotiate material transfer agreements (MTA), confidential disclosure agreements (CDA), and data use agreements (DUA) for the university.

Grantz earned a Master’s Degree in the agronomy plant breeding and genetics field from MSU.

Before joining the MSU Innovation Center, Grantz served the specialty crop growers for Michigan Farm Bureau and helped this industry resolve challenges faced during the pandemic and several international trade disputes. Grantz also served as a research assistant for the MSU Tart Cherry Breeding and Genetics Program and grant project manager for a multi-institutional USDA-funded Specialty Crop Research Initiative.

As an MTA/CDA/DUA coordinator, she assists numerous faculty members with protecting their intellectual property and transferring data and materials to/from other institutions to conduct research.

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