Guangming He, Ph.D.

Information Management Analyst

Units: Business Connect
Teams: MSUT Operations

Guangming joined MSU Business Connect in October of 2011 as an Information Management Analyst. He provides strategic recommendations and consulting for information technology to the Innovation Center and maintains a variety of business software including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Inteum. In addition to supporting the software databases, he configures these systems and trains staff on program usage. Additionally, he provides assistance to staff with need of data retrieval and analysis from MSU campus-wide systems such as CGA/OSP proposal/grant data warehouses. Occasionally, he will be called for desktop support or office application questions and will write codes to better integrate these systems if necessary.

Prior to joining MSU, Guangming worked as an enterprise analyst for SetSeg Inc., a Lansing-based insurance company that provides insurance services to more than 80% of the school districts in Michigan. At SetSeg Inc. he helped to modernize the company web site, streamline business processes e.g. quoting, enhance content management, promote best practice for better data quality and improve internal reporting mechanism. Before SetSeg Inc., Guangming was software developer and project leads for a local startup company, IDV Solutions, witnessing it grow from five to 50 in three years. In his time with IDV Solutions, Guangming focused on development of applications that visualize data on map for better decision making and worked with a variety of clients including those from governments, industry, and NGOs.

Guangming holds his B.S. and Masters degrees from Beijing Forestry University, and his Ph.D. from Michigan State University. His education is mostly related to natural resource management, sustainability, system sciences, and decision making. His later work experience is mainly in the area of application development, solution architect and information management/services.

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