Contact Information:

Katie James

Technology Transfer Fellow

Units: MSU Technologies
Teams: Technology Manager

Dr. Katie McAuliffe is a dynamic and accomplished professional who recently joined the MSU Technologies Tech Managers team as a Technology Transfer Fellow, commencing her role on January 8th, 2024. In this capacity, Katie plays a pivotal role in supporting tech managers by evaluating technology disclosures within the realm of physical sciences.

A distinguished alumna of Oakland University, Katie earned her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry before embarking on an academic journey that culminated in the successful completion of her Ph.D. in Bioinorganic Chemistry from Duke University in December 2023. Her cross-disciplinary expertise, coupled with her educational achievements, positions Katie as a valuable asset within the MSU Innovation Center.

Prior to assuming her current role, Katie honed her skills and knowledge through an internship in the tech transfer office at Duke University. During this experience, she adeptly assessed incoming technology disclosures and played a crucial role in preparing marketing materials for technologies earmarked for licensing

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