Contact Information:

Brian Wright

Associate Director

Units: MSU Technologies
Teams: Leadership

Brian Wright joins the MSU Technologies (MSUT) team as the new Associate Director bringing more than 20 years of experience to MSUT

Wright received his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University before attending Cornell, where he received a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering focusing on drug delivery.

After graduation, Wright spent a few years as a small business entrepreneur; here, he gained valuable hands-on experience in marketing, copyright, trademarks, and licensing. He joined Auburn University’s technology transfer office as a Technology Manager, where his initial focus was on the university’s extensive engineering portfolio.

Wright later served as Director of Commercialization at Auburn University, where he helped advance Auburn’s wide range of licensable technologies, which included antimicrobial chemistry, probiotics, crop production, canine-based detection, and pathogen sensors.

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