Prominent cancer researcher joins MSU to lead biochemistry and molecular biology department, establish Center for Cancer Health Equity Research

Renowned cancer researcher Olorunseun “Seun” Ogunwobi is set to join Michigan State University (MSU) as the chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the co-director of the upcoming Center for Cancer Health Equity Research. Ogunwobi’s expertise lies in the study of solid tumors, particularly focusing on the disparities in tumor mechanisms and treatment outcomes based on factors such as race and gender. With his appointment, Ogunwobi aims to initiate groundbreaking research and lead the recruitment of new faculty in the field. He brings extensive experience in cancer research, having received degrees from prestigious universities in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Ogunwobi’s laboratory at MSU will investigate the molecular mechanisms of solid cancer progression and the underlying causes of racial disparities in specific solid cancers. His appointment aligns with MSU’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity and its goal of advancing equitable and effective cancer treatment.

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