Spartan Sociomobility Centennial Survey: 2019

This report summarizes the results from the 2019 MSU Centennial Mobility Survey. The survey aims to:

  • Understand current travel behaviors and mobility choices of all Spartans including staff, faculty, and students living on and off campus;
  • Estimate the impact of free bus fare for on-campus trips;
  • Understand the adoption and usage of emerging mobility choices including e-scooters and ride-hailing (Uber or Lyft); and
  • Gauge Spartans’ attitudes toward Autonomous Vehicles and “smart campus” technology.

Understanding travel behaviors and mobility choices of Spartans will provide the information necessary to make the transport system at MSU safe, efficient, and sustainable. Knowing general attitudes regarding future mobility choices will help MSU make sound investment decisions and reach consensus across university communities.

The full results of the survey can be read below:

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