Sustainable Geotechnical Infrastructure Group

Why Choose Michigan State University to Collaborate on GeoPave Research?

  1. Cutting-edge Research: Explore groundbreaking research initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact while improving the performance and longevity of geotechnical structures.
  2. Expert Faculty: Learn from leading experts in geotechnical engineering, sustainable design, and environmental science who are committed to mentoring the next generation of change-makers.
  3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Access world-class laboratories, field sites, and simulation tools designed to facilitate hands-on learning and real-world experimentation.
  4. Industry Partnerships: Collaborate with industry leaders and government agencies to translate research findings into practical solutions that address global challenges in infrastructure sustainability.
  5. Diverse Opportunities: Engage in diverse research projects spanning geotechnical materials, construction techniques, geoenvironmental engineering, and more, contributing to a holistic approach to sustainability
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