Invention Disclosure and Copyright Disclosure Forms

MSUT’s disclosure forms are confidential documents that provide a written, dated record of the creation of an invention or copyrighted work. MSUT used separate forms for inventions and works. Submit the appropriate form to MSU Technologies soon after the innovation is conceived. Learn more about the technology transfer process.

Forms may be mailed or emailed to


Confidential Disclosure Agreement Form

A confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) is a legal contract that governs the exchange of proprietary or confidential information. Learn more or Submit an Agreement Request.


Material Transfer Agreement Forms

A material transfer agreement (MTA) is a legal contract that allows for the exchange of materials, such as chemicals, plant materials, or software, between universities and other organizations for collaborative research activities. Learn more or Submit an Agreement Request.

Please complete the MTA Questionnaire for all incoming or outgoing MTAs.



If you have RECEIVED a DUA, please complete this DUA Questionnaire and submit it with any DUA you wish to have signed.

If you wish to SEND data, please complete this DUA Questionnaire to initiate a DUA.


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