The MSU Product Center awards M&R Pickling the 2024 Value-Added Agriculture Award at the Making It In Michigan Conference

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M&R Pickling. Images captured from a video by Dave Ellis of MSU.

On April 24, 2024, the Michigan State University Product Center recognized several food and beverage businesses for their achievements over the past year. M&R Pickling, a company founded in 2013 by Ruth Yoder, was recognized with the Value-Added Agriculture Award. From first dreaming of her business to now owning a 1224 sq. ft. facility, Ruth has shown where persistence can lead to her two full-time and one part-time employees.

M&R Pickling’s value-added vegetable business grows, processes, and sells pickled red beets, relish, pickled beans, eight kinds of pickles, salsa, and canned tomatoes. The company also processes pickled eggs, pickled asparagus, pickled leeks, seven pie fillings, three canned fruits, three fruit-based spreads, and twenty jams and jellies from purchased produce.

Diane Longanbach, Innovation Counselor of the MSU Product Center who started working with the owner of M&R Pickling in 2013, said, “Ruth has been a joy to work with. She has always been diligent in making sure her business follows the protocols for food safety with every product and process. Since her first products were launched in 2013, the MSU Product Center has worked with her to conduct a Process Authority Review, create Nutrition Fact labels and complete FDA filing. I am so happy we can recognize her amazing accomplishments as an Amish woman entrepreneur with the Value-Added Agriculture Award this year.”

When asked about receiving the Value-Added Agriculture Award, Yoder commented, “I feel honored to get this award. It shows me that all the hours of labor that I have put into this business are worth something…that it has come this far.”

You can find M&R Prickling products for purchase at a variety of locations in central and northern Michigan, such as:

  1. Pine View Discount, McBain
  2. Allen W Discount, Clare
  3. Sunset Acres, Charlotte
  4. West Shore, Scottville
  5. Yoder’s of Tustin, Tustin
  6. Millers Country Market, East Jordan
  7. Wayside Gardens, Greenville
  8. LeRoy Hardware, LeRoy
  9. Cheese Lady, Traverse City

To learn more about M&R Pickling, be sure to watch this video produce by Michigan State University.

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