Accelerator brings Holland energy storage startup closer to market

Crain's Grand Rapids Business

Jolt Energy Storage, founded by MSU’s Thomas Guarr and his business partner, Jack L. Johnson using technology developed in Guarr’s lab at Michigan State’s Bioeconomy Institute, emerges stronger after graduating from the Shell GameChanger Accelerator backed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s NREL. Their innovative organic energy storage materials promise cost-effective alternatives to lithium-ion batteries, eliminating reliance on costly mined metals. With a $250,000 grant and access to cutting-edge facilities, Jolt accelerates towards commercialization, aiming to have a real cell battery in the field within the next 18 months. The push comes as McKinsey forecasts a 500% growth in the need for battery energy storage by 2030, emphasizing the urgency for scalable and cost-effective solutions. Join Jolt’s mission to revolutionize utility-scale batteries and make organic energy storage a reality!

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