Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly expanding across all facets of life. It enables the exchange data from a myriad of sensor points in wearable devices, smart devices in our homes and cities, as well as connected infrastructure in our cities. Now, more than ever, the application of IoT technologies are allowing us the opportunity to address critical issues in our society. It begins with four main segments: Smart Cities (including Smart Utilities and Smart Infrastructure), Smart Health (including wearables), Smart Homes, and Cyber Security each consisting of innovative technologies to promote a safe and efficient future. ​

At Michigan State University, our faculty are on the front lines of developing the latest technological advances in the fields such as Smart Cities, Smart Health, Smart Homes and Cyber security. Our work here at MSU has the ability to make a global impact. ​

With faculty researchers coming from backgrounds consisting of electrical engineering, computer science, and civil engineering the research and development teams at the MSU Innovation Center are actively looking for partners in the private sector to help lead the way towards a better tomorrow.​

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