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Hey Siri, I’m feeling stressed: Can AI chatbots help fill the empathy gap?

Source: MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences

Stressed out? Need to talk? Turning to a chatbot for emotional support might help. ComArtSci Associate Professor of Communication Jingbo Meng wanted to see just how effective artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots could be in delivering supportive messages. So she set up the research and used a chatbot development platform to test it out.

Michigan State scientists grow the first functioning mini human heart model

Source: MSU Today

Michigan State University researchers have created for the first time a miniature human heart model in the laboratory, complete with all primary heart cell types and a functioning structure of chambers and vascular tissue.

The heart of health care

Source: MSU Today

As one can imagine, I had some pretty dark days while my dad spent a month in an ICU recovering from complications during heart surgery. It was a constant battle of ups and downs, with a lot of fear and uncertainty thrown in for good measure. My sisters and I spent days at his bedside …

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