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Katie Heise

Katie Heise joined the MSU Innovation Center team in August 2019 as a Marketing intern. She is a senior at MSU finishing up a degree in Advertising Managment. Before joining the MSU IC, Katie was a student supervisor in MSU's Residential Education & Housing Services division, and managed public relations for Capital Green a Cappella.

Lisa Croze

Lisa Croze is Secretary III for the Innovation Center at Michigan State University, where she has been working for 20 years. She started with the MSU Health Team in 1999 where she was involved in patient care and then moved to medical billing. In 2019, Lisa obtained her B.S. in Health Administration from the University of Michigan. She won the CAHEN Award (Capital Area Higher Education Network) as a 2016 Outstanding Adult Learner Award for the University of Michigan.

Jacob Templin-Fulton

Jacob Templin-Fulton is the MSU Innovation Center's Videography Intern. He is also a fourth year undergraduate student at MSU, studying two degrees: Media and information, and Arts and Humanities. Before this, Jacob has had a variety of positions including media consultant, museum guide, event photographer, and freelancer.

Kara Headley

Kara Headley joined the MSU Innovation Center team June 2019 as a Communications and Videography intern. She is a third year undergraduate student at Michigan State University, majoring in Professional Writing and double minoring in Documentary Production and Environmental and Sustainability Studies.

Headley has held a variety of jobs during her time at MSU, including Consultant for the Writing Center and social media manager for Agnès Films. She frequently volunteers as Script Supervisor with Nain Rouge Films, a film company from her home town of Macomb, Michigan.

Tracy Henion

Tracy oversees communications and marketing for the MSU Innovation Center. By developing and maintaining organized internal and external communications about MSU innovation-related activities and successes, she strives to support and build on the impact at MSU and beyond.

Tracy discovered her passion for writing while chasing stories for her high school newspaper. Today, she still loves finding the story. With a history of producing award-winning content, she is also versatile in photography, design, layout, videography and social media strategy.

Aimee M Crouch, J.D.

Aimee joined MSU Technologies in August 2018, to negotiate material transfer agreements (MTA), confidential disclosure agreements (CDA), and data use agreements (DUA) for the university. As an MTA/CDA coordinator, she assists numerous faculty members with protecting their intellectual property and transferring data and materials to/from other institutions to conduct research.

Kevin McCurren

Over 15 years of new business development, acquisitions, medical management and managed care development with hospitals, national health care corporations and entrepreneurial organizations; 10+ years of entrepreneurial experience in new business start-ups, small business acquisitions and management turnarounds has an investor\manager; Seeking to use experience and expertise on new ventures and experiences.

Jessica Olive

Jessica Olive recently joined the staff at the end of July as corporate relations officer. In this position her responsibilities include helping to connect industry and academic labs and facilitate collaborations between the two. She attended Wellesley College in Massachusetts where she studied biological chemistry.

Chris Sell

Christopher Sell is a career educator, project manager, fundraiser, and business developer. At his core, he’s passionate about creating things to solve problems and connecting people to opportunity. As a two-time college graduate with over six years of work experience in higher education, he’s equally committed to leveraging relationships with industry, alumni, and college students to retain and attract talent in the state and contribute to Michigan’s revitalization.

Frank A. Urban

Frank Urban specializes in commercializing early stage therapeutics and diagnostics within the life sciences.  Prior to Spartan Innovations, Frank was a Licensing Associate in the Office of Technology Commercialization at Wayne State University.  Prior to that, he had varied business development, sales and scientific roles for a number of life science companies, to include Everist Genomics, Charles River Laboratories, MIR Preclinical Services, Molecular Imaging Products, Pfizer and Parke Davis.  He has also worked as a consultant for numerous start-up companies and managed various laborator