2017 Innovation Celebration

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The seventh annual MSU Innovation Celebration was Wednesday, April 12, 2017, 4-6:30 p.m. in the Huntington Club on the 4th floor of Spartan Stadium.

This networking reception showcases innovative technologies and startups developed in campus labs, classrooms and beyond. We honor MSU researchers and students who reported an invention, licensed a technology or were awarded patents during the academic year, and recognize the winners of awards for innovation and achievement in technology transfer.


Showcase Technologies: 

Increasing the Strength of Titanium Alloys
Carl Boehlert | EGR/Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

Regulating Cell Wall Growth for Improved Plants and Trees
Kyung-Hwan Han | CANR/Forestry & Horticulture

Use of Dominant Mutations in MYC Transcription Factors for Plant Biotechnology
Gregg Howe | NAT SCI/Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Via MSU Today: Defend or grow? These plants do both.

Automated Online Exam Proctoring & AI Technology
Xiaoming Liu | EGR/Computer Science and Engineering
Stephen Hsu | HUM MED/Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Xiang-Yang Liu | EGR/Computer Science and Engineering

Additives for Processing Foam from Thermoplastic Blends
Krishnamurthy Jayaraman  | EGR/Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

Advanced Electron Microscopy
Chong-Yu Ruan | NAT SCI/Physics & Astronomy
Via MSU Today: New microscope captures movements of atoms and molecules

Discovery of Genes Causing Equine Muscle Diseases
Stephanie Valberg | VET MED/Large Animal Clinical Sciences

MSU Startup: MTBI Sense | Concussion Technology
Gary Blanchard | NAT SCI/ Chemistry
Marcos Dantus | NAT SCI/Chemistry & Physics & Astronomy
Via MSU Today: New Invention: Impact-Sensing Headbands

MSU Startup: Switched Source | Transformerless UPFC
Fang Peng | ERG/Electrical & Computer Engineering

Student Startup: GoSpot | Solution for preventing water spots on high-end camera equipment
Austin Piwinski

Student Startup: Hidlo Studios | Advertising via Snapchat geofilters
James Shockley
Anthony Miller

Student Startup: InnateVR | Drug and alcohol treatment program
Jacob Ziemba

Student Startup: Milk Cash | Financial guidance for dairy farmers
Rodrigo Araujo de Souza
Jonas de Souza
Alejandra Pamela Loaiza-Delgado

Student Startup: PrndL | Tool for finding and reserving parking spaces
Zach Brewer
Drew Piotrowski

Student Startup: Sympl. | Studying and networking tool
Samuel Berndt
Matthew Eleweke
Can Gokcek
Mark Meyers
Roderick Walker

Student Startup: Retail Jump | Inventory management, analytics and advertising for retailers
Jeff Couger
Shashank Rajagopalan