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2020 Innovation Celebration

The tenth annual MSU Innovation Celebration scheduled for April 2, 2020 at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center has been canceled due to global concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus.

While we are saddened to announce this decision, the safety and well being of the MSU community remains our top priority.

The event will not be rescheduled. The next Innovation Celebration will proceed in 2021.

Read about the 2020 Innovation Celebration in the 2020 MSU Innovation Center Annual Report.

2020 Innovation Center Awardees

James Kelly headshot

James Kelly, Tech Transfer Achievement

James Kelly knows beans. He’s spent 40 years developing roughly 50 varieties of dry beans at Michigan State, built to help bean growers and bean seed producers, boosting the Michigan bean industry. Kelly’s work translates into increased yield, enhanced plant architecture, improved processing quality and better drought tolerance and disease resistance for an essential...

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Mi Zhang headshot

Mi Zhang, Innovation of the Year

The solution to better hearing isn’t simply turning up the volume on a speaker – or a hearing aid. Sorting through a broad range of sounds to amplify only those someone wants and needs to hear is far more complex than simply making something louder. Mi Zhang and his team of researchers in Michigan...

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Frederica Brandizzi

Federica Brandizzi, Innovator of the Year

“We see plants as unlimited resources, but we don’t realize that ultimately plants may become limited because the population is growing, but the agricultural land is not.” Federica Brandizzi’s succinct summation of the population-to-land ratio dilemma is at the heart of her research at Michigan State University. The Brandizzi lab is investigating the technology...

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jeremy wilson headshot

Jeffrey Rojek and Jeremy Wilson, Corporate Connector Award, A-CAPP

The word “counterfeiting” leads many people to think about money. But the problem is much larger than phony $20 bills sneaking into circulation. It involves the illegal production, distribution and use of products, technology, intellectual property and so much more. The Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection aims to stop that. A-CAPP is an...

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