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2016 Innovation of the Year

Methods and Systems for Cropland Evaluation and Crop Growth Management

Dr. Bruno Basso

Professor, Department of Geological Sciences

Intensive agricultural practices raise serious concerns about human’s ability to raise agricultural productivity while maintaining the sustainability of row-crop production systems. In order to tackle this problem, Dr. Basso created algorithms and software involving advanced crop system models that incorporate plant physiology to predict the impact of weather, soil, and management practices on crop yield.  Prof. Basso is exploring the advances and limitations of different air and space-borne platforms to combine remotely sensed crop data with in-field yield and soil data, and process this data to predict yield effects and return-on investment for changing agricultural management practices. Dr. Basso’s approach is to integrate diverse disciplines to understand the overall agricultural systems and to improve decision-making across a broad spectrum of stakeholders, from the smallholder farmer in the developing world to the industrial producer and policy maker at all scales.

MSU Technologies is pleased to recognize Dr. Basso and his team for their research and innovations.

Learn more about Dr. Basso and his lab.

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