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2016 MSU Technology Transfer Achievement Award

Microwave Plasma Machines and Processes to Produce Synthetic Diamonds 

Dr. Jes Asmussen

University Distinguished Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Asmussen holds twenty-six U.S. and over twenty international patents in the field of microwave technology and microwave processing. These methods have been critical to the advance of the semiconductor industry.  Microwave energy generates unique properties for a variety of gas plasma processes. The high frequency coupling of microwave energy produces very high plasma density with low sheath potential for an efficient, yet gentle process. Conventional microwave plasma reactors are often limited at both high and low pressure extremes due to minimal tuning and control capability, but Dr. Asmussen’s design incorporates proprietary internal tuning and precise control of microwave mode and plasma conditions, which enable operation at the extremes for desired plasma applications.

Dr. Asmussen’s microwave reactor technology was successfully licensed to Microwave Enterprises of Morrisville, North Carolina.  This advanced equipment is used in the deposition and growth of polycrystalline and single-crystal diamond used in industrial, scientific, and gemstone applications.

MSU Technologies is pleased to recognize Dr. Asmussen and his team for their research and innovation.

Learn more about Dr. Asmussen and his lab.

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