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2015 - 2016 Speakers Series

September 23, 2015: Christen Rochon 

She is known as an influencer, public speaker, media personality, and entrepreneur. Rochon is the Digital Lifestyle maven behind Divasanddorks.com, the first technology lifestyle community for multicultural audiences across the globe. Although she resides in NYC, her roots are in Detroit, MI.

October 13, 2015: Henry Balanon @balanon 
Balanon received a B.S. in Computer Science and a Distinguished Alumni Grand Award from Michigan State University. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Stratos Inc. and lives in Metro Detroit.

November 17, 2015: Nathan Bashaw @nbashaw

NYC-based entrepreneur, MSU alumni, programmer, and writer. Bashaw co-created Product Hunt, a product discovery website that now drives 3m+ visits to new products every month, and Dash, an online book that teaches you how to code websites from scratch, used by over 270k people.

December 8, 2015: Eric Jorgenson @EricJorgenson

Jorgenson is a graduate of MSU’s Broad College of Business, where he studied Economics and General Management. Today he is the Marketplace Manager for Zaarly, Inc.

January 19, 2016: Marc Hudson  @MarcDHudson

As a graduate of Michigan State University, Hudson aims to be innovative and successful in the business world. He is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Rocket Fiber and is a knowledgeable web developer.

February 9, 2016: John Hill @techstarsjohn

John Hill left Michigan State University to become the Higher Education Evangelist at LinkedIn. He has since helped to build the suite of Higher Education products for LinkedIn, worked as the Network Catalyst for Techstars, and presented at over 100 conferences in 16 countries. He is currently working to build the largest entrepreneurial network in the world.

February 17, 2016: Tyler Oakley @TylerOakley  

Established as one of the most influential LGBT vloggers, Tyler Oakley is an A-Lister in the digital age. Tyler and his best friend Korey Kuhl, both MSU alumni, host Psychobabble, a weekly show that tops the iTunes podcast charts.

February 23, 2016: Jordan Skole @JordanSkole

Skole is a graduate of Michigan State University with a B.S. in Environmental Policy & Economics. He is the founder and president of Benchmark Intelligence in Detroit, MI, and the son of a Nobel Prize-winning professor.

March 24, 2016: Megan Gebhart @megangebhart

Gebhart is the Technical Recruiting Coordinator at Airbnb, author of 52 Cups of Coffee, and an original member of The Hatch development team. She graduated from Michigan State University in 2011 with a degree in Marketing, and now resides in the San Francisco area.

April 12, 2016: Jeremy Lindlbauer 

Lindlbauer is a graduate of Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business, where he studied Accounting and Supply Chain Management. He is Co-Founder and Director of Brand & Marketing of TurtleCell, a maker of innovative cell phone cases built with retractable headphones.

April 19, 2016: Carl Winans @CarlWinans

Carl is a designer, digital strategist, and serial entrepreneur with an ad background. After launching Oceanvue, a marketing and idea development firm in 2008, Carl co-founded Rebound, a startup that helps you remember the web, and Mega Tiny Corporation, a product development company.

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