Incubators and Real Estate Team

The Incubators & Real Estate Team spurs placemaking and economic development for startups and established companies through spaces such as incubators, corporate innovation and research space and multi-tenant flex space. The team works together to support these companies by providing resources and space in which the companies can grow.

“Our team is small, efficient, and effective at producing quality, high growth, scalable opportunities for companies,” said Jeff Smith, the Director of the University Corporate Research Park. “The University Corporate Research Park team has supported more companies than each previous year, year over year, for the past 5 years.”

The team is constantly working to expand their resource base and create new spaces for Michigan entrepreneurs.

“The best part of my job is being able to impact the community and ecosystem in a positive way by supporting entrepreneurship, economic development and placemaking,” said Gabriela M. Allum, New Venture Associate.

The team prides itself in being an essential part to the growth of many Michigan companies. Their work affects the greater Michigan ecosystem by supporting entrepreneurship, economic development and placemaking.

“Other people’s successes feel like my successes when I am able to help them reach their goals,” Allum said.

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