Startup Support Team

The Startup Support team helps MSU faculty turn their technology innovations into startup companies. The Entrepreneurs-In-Residence (EIRs) and Mentors-In-Residence (MIRs) are available to provide support, mentorship and resources to faculty looking to turn their research into a viable company.

“We are here to help accelerate technologies from concept to market and create the companies of tomorrow, based on the innovations that are discovered today,” said Frank Urban, the Director of Venture Creation – Life Sciences.

Each member of the Startup Support team brings their own expertise to the table. Some have backgrounds in business, others in the sciences. This mix of knowledge allows the team to work together to ensure the faculty is getting all the information and help they need.

“Part of being an entrepreneur is the creativity,” said Michelle Tokarz, EIR. “When we can share with each other, we get more perspectives and better understanding of what tools and approaches can work well.”

The team thrives on helping others and watching as successful MSU companies take off.

“It can be a challenge to map out a research plan to fit the constraints of time, budget and overarching strategy, but it is very rewarding when everything starts to come together,” said Kendell Pawelec, EIR.

Brad Fingland, Ph.D.

Director of Venture Creation, Physical Sciences

Nichole Maguire

Nichole Maguire

Administrative Assistant

Thomas Stewart

Thomas Stewart

Assistant Director of Venture Acceleration

Frank A. Urban

Director of Venture Creation - Life Sciences

Jeff Wesley

Jeff Wesley

Executive Director of Red Cedar Ventures

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