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Targeted Support Grant for Technology Development

The Targeted Support Grant for Technology Development (TSGTD) provides funding for the enhancement, optimization and/or other development of selected technologies that have commercial potential as identified by MSUT Management and Technology Managers. These grants will accelerate the process of transforming promising technologies into products that are responsive to market demand, increase the commercial value of technologies, and enable MSU researchers to retain a greater share of ownership.

The Targeted Support Grants for Technology Development (TSGTD) program is a “gap funding” support series to help accelerate development of selected Intellectual Property-based MSU technologies with high commercial potential.

This program reflects a joint commitment of the VPRGS and the MSU Foundation to support MSUT and other business units within the MSU Innovation Center, and to leverage commercial value from MSU’s rich IP base to help solve some of the world’s most complex problems.

TSGTD nominations and awards are intended to accelerate development and enhance potential commercial opportunities including licensing, marketing, new company creation or other business development efforts. In effect, the TSGTD program has focused MSUT Technology Managers and MSU inventor efforts on the best commercial opportunities within the MSU IP portfolio.



The amount of funds awarded and the duration of the award varies. Project categories range from flexible, short term efforts within MSUT (Category A – $5-10,000), focused or more complex technical projects by MSU inventors (Category B – $10,000 or C – $40-75,000), to more complex long term projects involving MSU inventors AND participation and co-investment by commercial partners (Category D – $75-150,000).

Ongoing or completed projects include all available award categories, but interest in (and creation of) projects involving joint activities and/or co-investments by commercial partners have increased over the years.


Timeline & Process

Nominated projects are immediately reviewed by scientific peers selected by the TSGTD Review Committee Chair, and new awards are funded by the VPRGS on a continuous basis. This approach has the advantage of avoiding extended time delays inherent in other grant program RFPs which generally occur only on specific dates. This way, TSGTD dollars immediately and continuously support the best projects with commercial potential at a time when de-risking is most needed.

The TSGTD peer review process has engaged over 150 MSU faculty in all university colleges as well as many external experts who agree to review under the protection of Non-Disclosure Agreements.

MSUT Tech Managers are responsible for identifying and nominating all TSGTD projects. Researchers interested in participating can contact their tech manager to learn more.

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