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Programs and Resources

MTRAC Innovation Hub for AgBio

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Translational Research

Translational Research is appropriate for significant innovations with commercial potential that are too early in the technical development cycle to be effectively commercialized.

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MTRAC Awards

The Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) Innovation Hub for AgBio translates research into the commercial market by way of a license or startup.

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The MSU Innovation Center is proud to manage and administer the University Early Stage Proof-of-Concept Fund known hereafter as the ADVANCE Grant Program.

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The Targeted Support Grant for Technology Development provides funding for the enhancement, optimization and/or other development of selected technologies.

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MTRAC AgBio Innovation Challenge

A first of its kind competition designed to match the fitness of emerging technologies to validated, near-term market applications.

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Contact Information

Questions not answered above? Please contact MSU MTRAC Program Director Joseph Affholter, MSU MTRAC Program Manager Weian Ou, email MTRAC@msu.edu or call 517.884.1659. To learn more about the Advance Grant, contact Weian Ou at msugran2@msu.edu.

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