MSU Helms $15M Project to Help Make Fusion Energy a Reality

A view of the sun taken from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
The sun is a giant orb of plasma. Credit: NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory

For decades, scientists have pursued the challenge of replicating nuclear fusion to meet the planet’s growing energy needs. However, generating a stable and self-sustaining fusion reaction has thus far eluded the brightest minds in the field. Still, the White House has indicated an interest in the continued pursuit of fusion technology and is focused on accelerating the development of fusion energy.

The Department of Energy has recently awarded MSU’s Mathematical Multifaceted Integrated Capability Center, or MMICC, with $15 million in funding to develop the next generation of computer modeling to better model the physics needed to control and sustain a fusion reaction. Joined by experts from labs around the country, MSU is leading the way in mathematical and computational technology breakthroughs.

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