Staff Highlight: Keith Rouse

Keith Rouse IIKeith Rouse has joined the MSU Innovation Center team as the new prospecting & strategy analyst.

“I’ve always been interested to hear about some of the amazing advances that come out of the university,” Rouse said. “As part of the team at MSU Business CONNECT I’m most excited to be working to help support and facilitate future advances.”

Rouse started in March with four goals in mind, relating to mobility, quantum computing, the internet of things and precision agriculture.

His first project relates to mobility. Rouse is working to identify research faculty and their strengths in order to match them with companies to build future partnerships.

His next project will focus on precision agriculture, which involves designing crops with specific traits. In the field, it can help farmers understand what areas need more or less of water, fertilizer, and so forth.

Quantum computing expands computer power past that of the computer’s hardware. The internet of things project will observe how devices used in our daily lives are interconnected and the innovative possibilities they present.

Rouse has a long history of excellence in marketing. Prior to the Innovation Center, Rouse worked at Baudville Brands as the digital acquisitions manager. He also worked at KMC Global as director of marketing.

Rouse graduated from MSU in 2004 with a bachelor of arts degree in psychology.

“Ever since I received my acceptance letter from MSU all those years ago I’ve always bled Spartan Green,” Rouse said. “However, I never thought I’d have the chance to come back one day and be a part of the University. I’m really excited to be working for an organization that is helping make the world a better place on so many fronts.”

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