Business Connect Contracts Team

The Business Connect Contracts Team reviews, negotiates and drafts contracts with for-profit companies sponsoring research, clinical trials and fee for service activity at MSU. The team is involved in the contracting process from beginning to end to ensure both parties are satisfied with the outcome and to ensure consistency with MSU policies. The team works together with the department and college to facilitate the review, negotiation, approval and execution of all documents necessary to establish an award.

“I have found the process of assisting in building out and developing Business-Connect (as part of the MSU Innovation Center) as a distinct and unique part of sponsored programs activity hugely satisfying,” said Randy Sheets, the Sponsored Programs Assistant Director.

Negotiating contracts can be challenging but fulfilling work. Striking the correct balance between what MSU can accept that is not in violation of policies and procedures and what the industry is willing to accept for the sake of a sponsored research collaboration can be challenging.

“Using creative thinking to reach compromise/consensus is not always that easy,” said Tina Ramos, Contract & Grant/Sponsored Programs Administrator. “A large part of compromise has to do with addressing the human element that is characteristically unspoken in contract negotiations.”

They share common goals: To provide quality results through good communication, engagement with relative issues and trends and ensure timely results. The team enjoys working together to create a change with their work.

“I like that my job gives me opportunities to enable change and make a difference,” said Charlene Fortin, Contract and Grant Sponsored Accountant. “There are many parts to it that keep me engaged and learning at all times.”

Charlene Fortin

Contract and Grant Sponsored Accountant

Jeff Myers

Jeff Myers

Director of Corporate Relations

Brice Nelson

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Tina Ramos

Tina Ramos, MPA, J.D.

Contract & Grant/Sponsored Programs Administrator

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