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MTRAC AgBio Innovation Challenge

The MTRAC AgBio Innovation Challenge (“Challenge”) is a first of its kind competition designed to match the fitness of university-developed emerging technologies to validated, near-term market applications in agriculture, biomaterials and industrial (i.e. non-medical) biotechnology. This scope of opportunities is referred to herein as “AgBio”.  The purpose of the Challenge is to help the MTRAC program assess technology-market risks and opportunities.

Who: The 2021 Michigan AgBio Innovation Challenge invites researchers at public universities, non-profit research institutes and public hospitals across the state of Michigan to do some real-time opportunity assessment and technology pathfinding in the AgBio market space.

Why: The AgBio Innovation Challenge seeks to award a series of prizes ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 based on the identification and validation of potential technology applications in the AgBio marketplace.

What: The body of the MTRAC Innovation Challenge product concept paper will be an opportunity briefing that identifies the technology and the intended application (problem to be solved), evidence supporting the strength of the need for a solution, the rationale for why the technology applies and an assessment of the time and resources required to demonstrate the application.

When: Announcement will be distributed in early June and participant papers received from July 12-30, 2021.

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