2016 Innovation Celebration

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The sixth annual MSU Innovation Celebration was Thursday, April 14, 2016, 4-6:30 p.m. in the Huntington Club on the 4th floor of Spartan Stadium.

This networking reception showcases innovative technologies and startups developed in campus labs, classrooms and beyond. We honor MSU researchers and students who reported an invention, licensed a technology or were awarded patents during the academic year, and recognize the winners of awards for innovation and achievement in technology transfer.

Showcase Technologies: 

Drug Targets for Treating Disorders, Including Cancer, Pain, Infertility 
Andre’ Bachmann | HUM MED/Pediatrics & Human Development
Via MSU Today: Two common medicines found to fight deadly childhood cancer

Maven Quotient 
William Donohue, Charles Owen, Richard Spreng | COMM ARTS/Communication

Detecting Faults in Glass Composites
Mahmoodul Haq | ENG/Mechanical Engineering

Advanced Optogenetic Neural Communication
Wen Li | ENG/Electrical Engineering

Improved Stevia Varieties
Ryan Warner | CANR/Horticulture
Via MSU Today: Plant science works to improve production of natural sweetener

Generation of Optimal Antibodies 
Tim Whitehead | ENG/Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Via MSU Today: Faculty Conversations

Zipped Lignin Genes for Improved Pulpwood 
Curtis Wilkerson | NAT SCI/Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Via MSU Today: ‘Unzipping’ poplars’ biofuel potential

Advanced Anti-knock Engine System 
Guoming (George) Zhu | ENG/Mechanical Engineering & Electrical & Computer Engineering

MSU Startup: iSleep | Unobtrusive Sleep Monitoring System Using Smartphones
Guoliang Xing, Tian Hao | ENG/Computer Science & Engineering

MSU Startup: Black Pine Engineering | Woven wheel turbomachinery
Zach Hoyle

Dr. Norbert Mueller
Student Startup: American Aeronautical Technologies | Drone Kits for Families 
Mario Swaidan
Student StartUp: BringItt | Shipping Network

Jarett Lazare
Danny Meltser

Student StartUp: Conecter | Event Networking App
Zoe Zappitell
Brittney Urich
Via MSU Today: Designing Connections
Student Startup: Mohyi Labs | Consumer Drone Technology
John Mohyi
Spotlight: Mohyi Labs, Solving Today’s Problems With NextGen Tech
Student StartUp: Roze Inc. | Smart Sensors
Oswald Chisala
Audrey R. Pena
Samuel Phiri
Daniel Shumaker
Student Startup: York Project  | Socially-Conscious Apparel
Joshua York