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SmartHealth AI​

Healthcare services can generate a significant amount of data leaving healthcare providers sometimes overlooking crucial clues that may delay a critical diagnosis. The faculty at MSU are using Machine Learning to improve critical healthcare decision making.

Cardiac Care​

Faculty at MSU are working to improve our understanding of heart health and developing next generation predictive models to help detect heart issues before they become dangerous.

Sensors & Wearables​

From watches and smart fabrics to advanced sensors on our mobile phones, faculty research at MSU continue to develop new and innovative sensors to provide advanced monitoring of health and wellness.​


Mobile devices are allowing medical professionals to deliver healthcare directly with clinical contact, diagnosis, education, reminders and monitoring. At MSU, our faculty researchers are working to expand the role of Telehealth and developing user-centric apps that improve medical outcomes.

Solid State Batteries

Ongoing researching into the technologies to make batteries for electric vehicle applications safer, more reliable, and longer lasting.

Sociomobility/Public Policy

Exploring the overlap of the engineering sciences and the social sciences. Social, economic, legal and ethical implications of changes in transportation systems.

Advanced AI

MSU’s Mobility faculty are working towards building the next generation of Advanced AI for autonomous vehicles including improved pedestrian detection, object detection and sensor fusion.


Research on cameras, radar and LiDAR to more accurately sense the environment.

Mobility Management

Providing vehicle and pedestrian modeling and management for safety, efficiency and predictive control.

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