September, 2019 - MSU Innovation Center

York Project opens permanent store in Detroit

Josh York, Michigan State University and Conquer Accelerator alumnus, opened the first permanent location for his company, the York Project, in late August. The York Project is a Detroit-based clothing company. York became interested in making clothing when he was in middle school. He made shirts with his mom and sold them to his classmates. … Continued

MSU researcher develops database to help cancer research

  MSU is developing a large genomic database to assist in cancer immunotherapy research. Dr. Bin Chen, assistant professor in Michigan State University’s Departments of Pediatrics and Human Development, and Pharmacology and Toxicology, is developing a database to help scientists discover new drugs to fight cancer. His lab, the Bin Chen lab at MSU, researches … Continued

MSU Innovation Center gains new tech manager

Anupam Jhingran has joined the MSU Innovation Center as the new Technology Manager of Life Sciences. Jhingran is part of a team of tech managers at MSU Technologies that includes Brian Copple, Ray DeVito, Tom Herlache and Brad Shaw. Jhingran oversees the technology transfer from inventions in the field of life sciences from their initial … Continued

Spartan Sociomobility Centennial Survey: 2019

This report summarizes the results from the 2019 MSU Centennial Mobility Survey. The survey aims to: Understand current travel behaviors and mobility choices of all Spartans including staff, faculty, and students living on and off campus; Estimate the impact of free bus fare for on-campus trips; Understand the adoption and usage of emerging mobility choices … Continued

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