September, 2020 - MSU Innovation Center

Virtual session highlights funding opportunities for MSU researchers

Is the Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) program right for you? Faculty can learn more about funding opportunities from the State of Michigan’s MTRAC directors during a live virtual session at noon Sept. 22. During this session, which is part of the Celebrate Invention event at the University of Michigan, five MTRAC directors: Eric … Continued

Collaboration leads to promising next steps for cancer research

A cancer research company co-founded by an MSU professor has been acquired by the New York biotechnology firm Lodo Therapeutics Corp. in a move that holds the potential for the development of innovative drugs that treat cancerous tumors. The acquisition of Hibiskus BioPharma was announced Sept. 3. Co-founded by André Bachmann of Michigan State University … Continued

MSU joins $20 million AI initiative for the future of sustainable agriculture

This article has been reposted from MSUToday. By Matt Davenport Michigan State University researcher Bruno Basso has a reputation for bringing ideas celebrated in the tech world to the farm field. The MSU Foundation Professor in earth and environmental sciences is no stranger to big data or artificial intelligence. Today, however, he’s finding appreciation for a less technical … Continued

Healthy plants, healthy people

This article has been reposted from MSUToday. Spartan scientists turn to the plant world to understand and treat human illnesses. It turns out plants and people have more in common than previously thought. Some of the most renowned plant scientists in the world can be found at Michigan State University, where many are studying how pathogens … Continued

Pack Elephant brings sustainable business model to west Michigan crafters

Pack Elephant, a boutique gifting platform featuring gems created by underrepresented artisans, is making it easy to find and buy handcrafted products from small business owners and local craftsmen. They work primarily with enterprise buyers who are committed to sourcing intentionally for corporate events, such as conferences. According to its website: “Intentional Gifts Should Be Easy.” … Continued

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