The CDA/MTA/DUA Team assists with material transfer agreements (MTA), confidential disclosure agreements (CDA), and data use agreements (DUA) for the university. They help faculty members protect their intellectual property, transfer data and materials to and from other institutions and conduct research.

The team works diligently to secure the CDA/MTA/DUA agreements for the university. They execute about a thousand agreements each year.

With so many agreements to keep track of, efficient communication and teamwork is vital to the success of the group.

“I appreciate that our team places a high value on communication so we can identify potential problems or inconsistencies and resolve them quickly,” said Aimee M. Crouch, MTA/CDA Coordinator.

The team has created an environment in which each member can thrive and do their best work.

“We have a great team, and I appreciate how much it has grown and developed over the years,” said Jean Zwier, MTA/CDA Coordinator. “It’s important to connect with our researchers to help advance their research through the agreements our group handles and protect their intellectual property.”

Audrey Sebolt

MTA/CDA/DUA Coordinator

Jean Zwier

Jean Zwier

MTA/CDA Coordinator

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