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MSU Research: Screening for Lung Cancer Does Work

New research from Michigan State University has found that using low-dose computed tomography for lung cancer screening has significantly decreased advanced lung cancer in the U.S. The study was aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of lung cancer screening in the U.S general population. The results found that the incidence of advanced lung cancer actually decreased … Continued

Ask the Expert: Cybersecurity and the war in Ukraine

With technology constantly advancing, the need for cybersecurity is on the rise. Nowadays, anyone can figure out how to successfully hack into another person’s device. Tom Holt, director of the School of Criminal Justice at MSU,  participated in an interview with MSU Today discussing this rise in cyberattacks and how you can keep your information … Continued

Dr. Dong Zhao: Working to Make Older Buildings Greener

Dr. Dong Zhao’s research at Michigan State University is working to generate optimal solutions to make cities more sustainable and user-friendly.  Zhao is an assistant professor of construction management in MSU’s school of Planning, Design, and Construction. His research is focused on the human-building integration that considers occupants, technologies, and environments in the creation of … Continued

Dr. Kristen Cetin: Improving Energy Use with Smart Technologies

Dr. Kristen Cetin, assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MSU, is working to improve energy use and comfort within buildings in order to create more energy-efficient and interactive operations within them.  Cetin has been working in the building industry since 2009 in various capacities in both industry and academia. “I have … Continued

MSU Mobility spotlighted at North American International Auto Show

Michigan State University Mobility took center stage at the North American International Auto Show Thursday during a panel discussion with its peer institutions from the University Research Corridor, or URC, to highlight how the institution is leading the nation in preparing students who will take their talents into the ever-changing mobility industry. MSU University Distinguished … Continued

Campus as a Living Lab: Micromobility Research at MSU

Data from the National Travel Survey suggests that 28% of all trips annually in the US were less than a mile, and 60% used private vehicles. With such a large portion of US travel happening over such short distances, there is a significant opportunity to reduce emissions by shifting some of these trips from private … Continued

Intern Highlight: Hannah Holycross

Hannah Holycross is a Communications/PR intern with the MSU Innovation Center. She is currently pursuing a Journalism degree at Michigan State and hopes to graduate in the spring of 2026. Hannah hopes to increase awareness of the MSU Innovation center to a wider audience and to promote the cutting-edge research and technology being created at … Continued

Improving ‘Holy Grail’ Lithium Metal Batteries

Q&A with engineer Chengcheng Fang Michigan State University is one of the top 100 research universities in the world and a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities, widely regarded as among the top research-intensive institutions in North America. The following story highlights one of the many examples of MSU’s research excellence and innovation. … Continued

Michigan State University Foundation and MSU Announce Recipients of 2022 Strategic Partnership Grants

Dr. Ranjan Mukherjee from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, along with his colleagues, received the 2022 Strategic Partnership Grant for their proposal entitled Empowering Individuals with Disability in Employment Settings: An Ability-First Human-Centric Approach. To read more about how they plan to use multidisciplinary expertise in order to achieve greater inclusivity of people with disabilities … Continued

Ride Along with The State News on MSU’s Autonomous Bus

Starting at Commuter Lot 89 traveling down Farm Lane 2.5 miles to the MSU Auditorium – this is the route of Michigan State’s autonomous bus. The Karsan Autonomous e-ATAK bus is bright green with an interior to match. Spartan head decals decorate both sides and front of the 27-foot vehicle. Since plans were introduced last November, … Continued

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