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New partnership brings e-scooters back to campus

MEDIA CONTACT: Tracy Henion Communications Director, MSU Innovation Center This article has been reposted from MSUToday. Mobility research to continue Michigan State University has a new exclusive partnership to provide e-scooters on campus with Spin, a San Francisco-based micromobility unit of Ford Motor Co., that will bring hundreds of e-scooters to campus this fall. The … Continued

Harnessing the power of herbicides

Weeds have been the bane of farmers’ existence since the first agricultural seeds took root.

Throughout history, countless strategies have been deployed to keep these unwelcome invaders from edging out valuable crops. Perhaps the most powerful weapons have been herbicides.

Ag startup fosters partnerships for expansion

PhenoLogic, Inc., a Michigan-based agriculture technology startup, has announced a partnership with Sente Foundry – a Chicago-based startup investment platform and global venture firm Hatcher+ to fund PhenoLogic’s continued technology and development as well as expand its piloting program across North America. Founded in 2019 by MSU alumni Traverse Jurcisin and Josh Murray, PhenoLogic designs … Continued

Paper without the microplastics

This article has been reposted from MSUToday. New MSU packaging technology protects paper products used in food service from oil and water without adding harmful pollutants to the environment Michigan State University’s Muhammad Rabnawaz has created a new coating for paper packaging that’s both economical and ecofriendly. The coating, developed by Rabnawaz’s Sustainable Materials Group, … Continued

Perfecting Michigan cherries

This article has been reposted from MSUToday. How Spartan research supports the state’s renowned tart cherry industry Some Spartan researchers have cherries on their minds year-round and for good reason. Michigan is the country’s top producer of tart cherries and Michigan State University has been part of the industry’s growth for decades. “Michigan State University … Continued

Using air purification to protect against COVID-19 on campus

This article has been reposted from MSUToday. Working to keep Spartans living and coming to campus safe, Strategic Infrastructure Planning and Facilities at Michigan State University is installing air purifiers to further protect against COVID-19. To date, IPF has installed more than 60 air purification devices in campus buildings and 238 in campus elevators. These serve to … Continued

New partnership empowers MSU women in engineering

In a move to strengthen the journey among female engineering students, Toyota has partnered with Michigan State University on a mentorship program that builds upon its already strong ties to MSU’s Society of Women Engineers. Toyota has a long history of supporting K-12 mentorship and STEM programs, but this is the first of its kind at the … Continued

MSU Innovation Center: Inventing Tomorrow

MSU faculty’s ability to keep coming up with groundbreaking ideas and take them to the marketplace has greatly helped improve the quality of life in communities near and far and has helped Michigan and the United States compete in a global environment. In 1929, MSU Professor G. Malcolm Trout did not like the taste of … Continued

Working Remotely

Despite the many challenges this year, we remain committed to telling the stories of research, entrepreneurship and innovation happening across Michigan State University. As always, the MSU Innovation Center staff is eager to help faculty and researchers advance their efforts on many fronts. Working from home and being away from our beautiful campus has been … Continued

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