Staff Highlights - MSU Innovation Center

Intern Highlight: Hannah Holycross

Hannah Holycross is a Communications/PR intern with the MSU Innovation Center. She is currently pursuing a Journalism degree at Michigan State and hopes to graduate in the spring of 2026. Hannah hopes to increase awareness of the MSU Innovation center to a wider audience and to promote the cutting-edge research and technology being created at … Continued

Intern Highlight: Breanna Berry

Breanna Berry works with the communications team at the Innovation Center as a student intern. Berry’s focus is mainly on videography and social media. Berry’s time at the Innovation Center has allowed her to further develop her skillset in the profession. She often works to create video content that will be used on the Innovation … Continued

Intern Highlight: Raven Lapaix

Raven Lapaix is a student intern for the MSU Innovation Center. She works with the communications team and is currently working on a new social media campaigns and Website development to help revamp the Innovation Center. “As a new communications intern I have mainly focused on social media presence and how it can be better,” … Continued

MSU Innovation Center welcomes new project grant manager

MSU alumna Audrey Sebolt recently joined the MSUT Agreement Team and assists the team with processing numerous data use, material transfer and confidentiality agreements for the tech transfer arm of the Innovation Center. “As a researcher and grant project manager, I interacted with Michigan State University and served faculty from institutions across the globe for more than … Continued

Veteran technology transfer leader takes on elevated role with MSU Innovation Center

Anne Di Sante recently was appointed to the role of Executive Director of MSU Technologies, the tech transfer and commercialization arm of the MSU Innovation Center. Di Sante served as the unit’s associate director for the past decade, specializing in licensing and commercialization operations and programs. Di Sante and a team of six technology managers … Continued

MSU Innovation Center welcomes new tech manager

Julia Miller has recently joined the MSU Innovation Center’s team of technology managers. Specializing in the ag bio tech sector, Miller works with researchers in agriculture, natural resources and natural science to evaluate, protect and commercialize technologies. After completing an undergraduate degree at Michigan State University along with a Ph.D. at Cornell University, Miller first … Continued

Staff Feature: Janelle’ Flores

Nearing 15 years of work at the MSU Innovation Center, Janelle’ Flores serves as the Human Resources administrator — handling the management and oversight of university systems and practices while helping the team stay informed. Originally, Flores was hired in 2007 as a temporary employee in the receptionist position for MSU Technologies — the tech … Continued

Staff Highlight: Meet Janet Foreman

You don’t have to look long to spot a variety of fun flamingos adorning Janet Foreman’s office. They’re bright and cheerful, adding just the right pop. Foreman’s personality is just as pleasant. Serving as the executive staff assistant and office manager for MSU Technologies, the tech transfer and commercialization arm of the MSU Innovation Center, … Continued

Staff Highlight: Brice Nelson

A founding member of MSU Business Connect, Brice Nelson works every day to encourage and develop productive relationships between MSU and the private sector. In his role, Nelson serves as MSU’s front door for corporations, directing businesses to the right MSU resources by providing effective communications and planning support. “My primary role is to help … Continued

Staff Highlight: Randy Sheets

Randy Sheets, assistant director of Sponsored Programs, manages contractual and administrative activities related to MSU collaborations with for-profit entities for Business Connect at the MSU Innovation Center. As supervisor for the research administration staff, which is responsible for finalizing contracts, budgets and other transactional documents, Sheets also is the contract lead for all for-profit entities … Continued

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