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MSU Scientists Create New Method to Detect Dead Zones in Coastal Oceans

Coastal hypoxia, a disease caused by low levels of oxygen, is affecting algal blooms and other marine life. Coastal Hypoxia, also known as dead zones, are aquatic areas that have no living organisms because of low oxygen levels and are often caused by fertilizer runoff. Scientists at MSU discovered a “Birds-Eye Method” to predict the … Continued

Low-Cost Irrigation Sensor Diminishing Water Waste in Farming

Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering (BAE) Master’s Student, Brenden Kelley, has been working on an environmentally friendly way to water crops by creating low-cost irrigation sensors. During his undergraduate studies at Michigan State University, Kelley studied water conservation with Assistant Professor Younsuk Dong and other students as a part of the BAE Irrigation Research Group. This … Continued

2021 Innovation Challenge supports diverse ideas to advance research

The Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) AgBio Innovation Hub at Michigan State University has announced the award recipients of its 2021 AgBio Innovation Challenge. The 2021 AgBio Innovation Challenge, a statewide competition to stimulate technology and innovation in AgBio across the state, attracted both early-stage and advanced technology ideas including bioproduction of industrial chemicals, … Continued

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