Administrative Support Team

The Administrative Support Team is the backbone of the Innovation Center. They perform a variety of jobs including scheduling, administrative support, reception, hiring, accounting, travel planning, internal communication and much more.

“I’d like to think of myself as a point person in the office,” said Janet Foreman, the Executive Staff Assistant and Office Manager. “Whether it’s getting in touch with our leaders, repairing something that’s broken, or assisting with unique project, I can help. I like that every day is its own little adventure.”

Executive Staff Assistant Marta Sinclair said, “We are all good at different things, and we know it. We are all willing to use our strengths to help each other and we all get along great.”

The team members work together on each of their projects in order to anticipate and satisfy the needs of the team. Each member brings their own perspective and experience to the table, which allows them to look at the problems they encounter from different angles.

“We communicate well with each other, we bring an open-mindedness, respect, and a listening ear to our projects and discussions with each other,” said Janelle’ Flores, Human Resources Administrator. “Whether it’s professionally or personally, this dynamic brings energy, organization, and fun to our work, and has created a flow which allows us to work really well together.”

Executive Assistant Amy Motz said, “There is so much positive energy and camaraderie in our office, and I am so happy to be a part of the team.”

The work this team provides is essential to the organization and overall workflow of the Innovation Center. They help the office grow and efficiently function.

Lisa Croze, Secretary III, said, “I am proud to a be one of MSU Technologies departmental resources for staff and visitors.”

Janelle' Flores

Janelle' Campbell, CHRS

Human Resources Administrator

Janet Foreman

Janet Foreman

Executive Staff Assistant and Office Manager

Marta Sinclair

Marta Sinclair

Executive Staff Assistant

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