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ADVANCE Fall Awardee Announcement

Administered by Michigan State University and the Michigan Strategic Fund, through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the ADVANCE Grant Proof of Concept Fund provides an incentive for faculty with early stage technologies at Michigan public universities to engage with their university’s technology transfer office to advance their technologies toward commercialization. 

Detailed below, the fund committee selected innovative translational research projects from four different universities in the state in May, June and August, and represent the most recent awards distributed.  

Awarded August 14, 2018

Multi-Wavelength Irradiation System for Ultra Rapid Additive Manufacturing
Dr. Timothy Scott, University of Michigan  
$57,920 ($28,960 MEDC; $28,960 match)

Awarded September 5, 2018

Goal Attainment Scaling: A Mobile App Solution
Dr. Ann Chapleau and Dr. Jennifer Harrison, Western Michigan University   
$80,000 ($40,000 MEDC; $40,000 match)

Awarded October 5, 2018

High Speed, User-friendly Optical Spectroscopy for Mixtures
Dr. Steven Cundiff, University of Michigan  
$80,000 ($40,000 MEDC; $40,000 match)

Autonomous Electromagnetic Energy Converter
Dr. Mojtaba Akhavan-Tafti, University of Michigan  
$80,000 ($40,000 MEDC; $40,000 match)

High Performance Steel Fibers for Ultra High Performance Concrete
Dr. Sherif El-Tawil, University of Michigan  
$80,000 ($40,000 MEDC; $40,000 match)

Awarded March 17, 2019

Interrupting Transmission of Multiple Flaviviruses Using an Engineered Viral NS1 Protein
Dr. Andrew Tai, University of Michigan 
$70,792 ($35,396 MEDC; $35,396 match)

Awarded April 30, 2019

Over-coming Self-incompatibility in Diploid Potatoes by CRISPR/Cas9 knock-out of HT
Dr. David Douches, Michigan State University   
$40,000 ($20,000 MEDC; $20,000 match)


Dr. Richard Chylla, Program Director, and Ann Spalding, Program Manager, are available to visit (or conference call) Technology Transfer offices to present a short overview of the grant and to answer questions. Contact msugrant@msu.edu to set up an appointment. An initial review of draft proposals is available (budget review and suggestions, proposal review for eligibility, etc.) prior to a formal application.  

Application information for ADVANCE GRANT Proof of Concept Fund