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Spartan irrigation management technology cuts costs, protects environment

MEDIA CONTACT: Tracy Henion Communications Director, MSU Innovation Center More than 70 low-cost moisture monitoring systems are being installed across Midwestern farmland this year thanks to Michigan State University’s Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering Irrigation Research Group (BAE-Irrigation). The Low-Cost Monitoring System (LOCOMOS) includes hardware and software to help farmers make more informed decisions about … Continued

Harnessing the power of herbicides

Weeds have been the bane of farmers’ existence since the first agricultural seeds took root.

Throughout history, countless strategies have been deployed to keep these unwelcome invaders from edging out valuable crops. Perhaps the most powerful weapons have been herbicides.

Perfecting Michigan cherries

This article has been reposted from MSUToday. How Spartan research supports the state’s renowned tart cherry industry Some Spartan researchers have cherries on their minds year-round and for good reason. Michigan is the country’s top producer of tart cherries and Michigan State University has been part of the industry’s growth for decades. “Michigan State University … Continued

MSU joins $20 million AI initiative for the future of sustainable agriculture

This article has been reposted from MSUToday. By Matt Davenport Michigan State University researcher Bruno Basso has a reputation for bringing ideas celebrated in the tech world to the farm field. The MSU Foundation Professor in earth and environmental sciences is no stranger to big data or artificial intelligence. Today, however, he’s finding appreciation for a less technical … Continued

Healthy plants, healthy people

This article has been reposted from MSUToday. Spartan scientists turn to the plant world to understand and treat human illnesses. It turns out plants and people have more in common than previously thought. Some of the most renowned plant scientists in the world can be found at Michigan State University, where many are studying how pathogens … Continued

AgHelp connects growers and agricultural workers

AgHelp, an innovative new website that pairs agricultural workers with growers, is helping the agriculture industry by providing a platform for those seeking agriculture employees or employers. In the United States, Michigan is the number one grower of 18 crops, including tart cherries, three types of beans, potatoes and asparagus. In order to successfully produce these … Continued

Agriculture industry presses on during pandemic

Despite many closures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the agriculture industry has continued to progress in these uncertain times to meet supply and demand needs. Farmers and others in the agriculture industry have been declared essential workers by the government to keep up on food production. Mark Seamon, research director of the Michigan Soybean … Continued

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